Friday, November 16, 2012

TV series addict Part II

So this is my second entry on my series addiction. One of my babes will be going away from Malaysia for work, and she requested for my list, so she could download and watch whole lot of em in her new work country, just in case she couldn't access/download from there. So babe, just choose from this list k.. I'll write some comments so you could choose better.

*these are only the shows that I watched from Season 1 Ep 1

Finished series
  1. Friends - never gets old, never boring
  2. Ugly Betty - i dont know why i love this show so much, and was sad it was cancelled after season 4, but at least they create a fast ending - sik tergantung
  3. The OC - teen drama, love it because i love adam brody and rachel bilson, and gerek sue ada juak lam ya, Ben McKenzie ;p
  4. Weeds - Dark comedy, but lovin Mary Louise, n mek duak sue suka lagu utama series ya, little boxes ahaha
  5. Sex & The City -great series, although ingga ngan Carrie Bradshaw, dont get me wrong, i love Sarah Jessica, not Carrie bradshaw but they remind me of us babes :) *sayu*
  6. Desperate Housewives  - just love the show so mucho - kadang2 funny juak, n i did cry twice sbb sedih juak kadang2

Final Season Ongoing (that I know of)
  1. Greys Anatomy - loving the drama, although the practice lari from the real medical situation, but in time we fall in love with some characters, i love a lot of characters in grey's - kecuali meredith ahaha (sbb nya mcm bau nak sue oo hahahha), but dah lately, neutral kamek ngan meredith, nya dah sik serabut gilak
  2. Private Practice - Greys' spin off - i followed it because i really love Addison (Kate Walsh)
  3. Gossip Girl -  i know you will not watch this babe, but kmk still layan ekekek, sbb characters berubah2, and all the dresses in the series inpires me for my DIY dresses..and.. chuck bass

  1. How I Met Your Mother - Funny series, love all of them - marshall is my fav
  2. New Girl - Funny series, i love Zooey, but housemate nya pun suma lucu2 esp Schmidt. baruk 2 season, senang nak catchup
  3. Glee - mula2 lok mek sik suka, tp lamak2 rindok nangga, part belagu kadang2 mek forward ajak. guest starring byk yg best2 juak
  4. Ben & Kate - masih baru, funny series
  5. Two & A Half Men - funny series, bila ada ashton tok pun maseh rindok nangga
  6. Hart of Dixie - love rachel bilson, nya doctor from new york, working in bluebell alabama (small town), very little doctor stuff, tp bes juak. and sbb Wade (wilson bethel) hensem hehehehehe
  7. Pretty Little Liars - you know why we love this! ;) 
  8. The Big Bang Theoryfunny series, kisah pasal nerds and their daily lives n science, n star wars. 
  9. 2 Broke Girls - lawak juak, 2 girls yang berusaha to build up their cupcake business
  10. Modern Family - FUNNY! love everyone in the series. family drama comedy.
  11. Dont Trust The B**** in Apartment 23 - funny series, baruk 2 seasons.a girl living in the same apartment with a kinda wild housemate.
  12. Revenge - drama, but story line best, emily is so pretty, daniel is cute, victoria is a queen, and nolan ross - the best bff you could ever have.
  13. White Collar - drama, crime - kisah ex con man, working for FBI. best :) and... Matt Bomer.
  14. The Vampire Diaries - one of the vampire series yang i like; a lot - plot nya bes, nothing like twilight. paul wesley has nice abs, ian somerhalder's eyes, and i love klaus & elijah, and everyone else
  15. True Blood - sookie, bill, ERIC, jason, and LA FAYETTE. and oh. Alcide. so many hotness in here, great story line, just gotta love it.
Waiting for new season
  1. The Big C - drama comedy - about a woman who is dealing with cancer
  2. Episodes - Matt Le Blanc berlakon as Matt Le Blanc, dark comedy, mcm Weeds
  3. Melissa & Joey - Mel Joan Hart stars in this series, family comedy


Jane by Design - so sad they cancelled it after the first season, it was getting good :(

Ok, there you my go babe Judy, all series that I am following. Mun ada soalan tanyak jak kmk k..zig-a-zig ahh


It's crazy that i am following these series, but I dont watch much TV in Japan, not understanding and all, and the series motivates me to complete my work, so I can be home and watch the latest episodes. I even have a schedule - which series on what days. hahahah.



Messy Mummy said...

Alamak, saya duk tgk jane by design. didn't know that diaorg got cancelled. sad :(

Love most of ut list. kalau mengadap series nie selalu jer x jadi kerja :p

i'm desperately waiting for revange :D

Nurrul Mohamad said...

Aww sorry to be the one yg break the news :p ekekek.. Kiut kan jane n billy tu.. Anyway revenge sambung Jan 6 ni.. (if u follow online lah, if tgk d tv/astro mebi lambat by few eps, so masih playing)