Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pikachu candies, old school tape recorder & chasing sunset

After a long while we haven't go out for a real date, Kaz took me on one last Sunday. Usually we only go out for groceries, and Japanese class. It was a beautiful day, the only sunny day of the week in fact, and I was glad that it didn't rain until night time! and Monday it started raining again. This year's autumn is very cold. I dont know about winter later. @.@

Since Kaz has been cycling a lot around town with his new friends, he usually finds new spots - beautiful view, a nice ice-cream or coffee place, and he would bring me up there because he thought i would love the place, and he is usually right! Who doesnt love a beautiful view, and delish ice cream? hehe.

These are some pictures I took that day.

Pikachu candies

Old Led Zepp vynils

an old school radio

an old school tape recorder (I seriously love this place!)

My baby, @Uchinada Big Bridge

Moi, turning a neck scarf into hijab, i love how it covers all the way down to my belly :)

Literally chasing the sunset

We reached there, now sitting waiting for the sunset

Me at the seashore
Us :)

Oh it was so beautiful

baby's muscular legs ;p

Kanazawa at night

Japanese umbrellas

Maple leaves, and the bright moon


Sue said...

Nang best jepon o. Ingin jak nk pegi koh.

Nurrul Mohamad said...

Dtglah sue..airasia ada gk diskaun ya :)

Messy Mummy said...

Hi Nurrul,
Loving all ur photos esp sunset tuh.. NICE :D

Nurrul Mohamad said...

Hi messy mummy, thanks! Xoxo