Monday, February 6, 2012

it's time

it's time for me to buy a sewing machine. i need to do something else that can take my mind away from computers & books & journals & papers when i'm feeling down. besides collecting my money for a road race bicycle, which could totally take my mind off things (i.e. exercise) i think i could afford a sewing machine first. boleh practice designing clothes, boleh polah byk2 baju time tensi. bah survey enjen lok eh. ne tauk balit boleh mbak collection nak o hahah!\

teringat time bok belaja nyait dolok. i learned to sew from youtube, because i didnt have time to go to sewing classes. i posted some of my sewing projects here previously, but not all of em. i made many more during my inactive blogging period. Click here. (and scroll down)



AmirFX said...

Post gambar patung Gundam juak mun ktk rajin.. Neytauk ada org malaysia mok order ngn ktk.. :D

daria said...

kitak la ya nak.. mir gundam second hand bagus2 byk aihhh.. kmk pun geram juak nangga.d display lam kaca.

DiLLaiLa said...

u go girl!menjahit mmg boley release tension! and sometimes kalau otak dah ketat sangat kena buat benda2 yg lain juge..;)