Friday, August 29, 2008

virgin roll

i've developed the virgin roll of my holga 135BC, and yea, my first roll wasn't that great, as i expected, but i do have some favs. i can see the vignetting in the pictures that i snapped (notice the black corners), and somehow the vignetting gave my pictures a moody and mystery value, like a house on a hill, something like that. the multiple exposures are not so bad themselves. so for the first roll, i dont have any theme, i just snapped all over just to test drive the camera :) a couple of the shots for you here, but you can see more in my flickr.


resjudicata said...


i like your pic no.2 although at a glance it looked like a cemetery ;p

p mek sukaaa... cantek gambar tak aie.. take mors picss!! :)

.designerdaria. said...

which pic no 2? pic no 2 kat sitok ka, pic no 2 kat flickr. sbb nak, duak2 kedak cemetery. huhu. moody n mysterious sik.hahaha . tengkew babe. ill snapped more dont you wowy