Tuesday, September 2, 2008


for my weight loss challenge update, this ramadhan, i have loosen a few rules for myself. i will eat rice or mee every other day during sungkey/berbuka, and ill eat something else for the alternate days. for sahur, ill take carbs, so ill have the energy for the next day, and plenty plenty of water. im thinking of taking trudetox this ramadhan. as the fasting itself is an act of detoxification, why not help the process right? and sempena ramadhan, ill list out what i ate/baham during bebuka n sahur, so i can monitor myself.

1st ramadhan

sahur - maggi goreng - ate half, appetite brek tgh jalan

sungkey - nasik putih with ayam panggang, aek jagong

    menu for today will be updated later. i think i wanna change the name of the challenge. let's call it inch-loss-challenge.it looks less 'heavier' nyehehehe. nak o?


    iman daud said...

    not my taste! ( muka melungak rah atas)

    .designerdaria. said...

    mmh! i dah tauk u mdh gia

    Shimmering Shinnie the Shoe Shiner said...

    Babe, I so want to go out bersungkei with all the babes. Balit cepat =( Oh, I have gastritist now. The heck. Pelik daaa jak.

    And i luf yew.