Thursday, September 11, 2008

same old, same old

hm. what am i gonna eat for my sungkey today? this is the worst puasa ive ever been in. lotsa problems. and i kinda feel sluggish today. maybe my ass is getting heavier. maybe i feel anton because i did not have my sahur this morning. i only drank a glass of aek mati, (then i went to pee!!). need to go buy some biscuits or roti or apa² k sahur tonite. duit agik. duit duit duit haiya. i feel like venting but it is puasa month, so, um.. yeah. there is nothing on my fon, and the room is tiba² panas today, website subject network sikpat dibukak bukak gik dari ariya and i havent touch my project today. see. pure laziness. all i did was goleng2 . damn i feel useless.

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