Friday, September 26, 2008

heyu! im back!

helo all, me backie!

i have half of my pressure off me, BUT, only half, but it felt good anyway. i havent had anything interesting during my away mode, and the crying post below was nothing. i was challenged, and my motivation was way underwater. so um, tomorrow im gonna go home for raya holidays, yea, yay me, but there will be alot of stuff waiting to be done. but im happy nonetheless, the chances to see familiar faces all over again. ah, best eh. anyway, to update:
  • i have a new toy, with very2 snazzy n comel bag for it (gamba post later)

  • i have some new problems (yeah everybody does)

  • i have been tagged! *see below

1. Nama timangan - Nurrul, telescope, daria, oon, babe, nuwul, zawiyah (hmm)

2. Saya seorang yang - sama seperti wanita di dalam buku, seperti gadis di dalam lagu

3. Insan2 teristimewa- my family, my babes, and you know who you are (sapa² bole ngakuk here ok ;) )

4. Makanan -- ntahla. i dont want to think too much about food.

5. Favourite colour -- multicolor, technicolor, awkward pairings that look good

6. Favourite song -- the ones i listen

7. Benda yang membuat anda stress -- whoa, this is epic. im stressful lately, really.

8. 3 benda dalam wallet -- benda keras n benda lembut (pande² pk ahaha)

9. Kali terakhir menangis beriya-iya-- couple of days ago. someone was pulling my leg.

10. Saya dengan sukacitanya nak tag kawan kawan yg kat bawah ni. Tapi kalau dah pernah buat soalan atas ni, tak perlulah.
- fieza
- lynn
- shinnie
- xaximie

Listening to: Sunrise Comes too Soon

Mood: restless/excited/high

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Felicia F. Ramzi said...

will do it soon alrite..:)

awkward pairings, i loike..(",)