Wednesday, September 3, 2008

brighter than sunshine


so my menu for today,

2nd ramadhan

saho: milo, celup with roti2
sungkey: spegeti (erk) + salad + mint tea

today ila said my arms looked smaller. oof oof! :P

these days, i love listening to 'brighter than sunshine' , by aqualung. the lyrics are very nice, and the chords are easy. hmmm *garu garu dagu*

p/s: i think this would be my new layout for a while. :)

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Shimmering Shinnie the Shoe Shiner said...

Babe, you could manage to fast the whole day by eating roti celup with milo during sahur? Adoh eh, mun amek alu sakit perut, haha.