Friday, August 8, 2008

today, today

it rains heavily today. i am doing nuthing today, just surfing around for information on my project. and eating lightly. i read about TruDetox in kenny sia's blog. macam bes. but im still using juvanex now, so ill take TruDetox later later after 5/6 months. he was like losing 4 kgs from the detox. i wonder where can i get those scales with ur body fat % on it. always wondering what my body fat % is, well im not fat, but im curious, because once, i saw this thing in the tube, that this lady has like 45% body fat! half of your body is only fat! if she could work it out she'll be like wow! well this crap talk is merely for my selfmotivation. cant wait to finish my detox week.2 more days daria, onli 2 more. yosh!

Listening to: Bjork- Volta

Tip#9: look at ur poops, are they floating? or are they sinking? i always heard ppl telling me that floating poops are better, since ure eating fibre and all, but i think u cant beat a one-solid-gushing sinking poop. yahhhh.. puas ati. oh lupa, dont eat while reading this tip. what? too late? hahahaha padan muka

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