Thursday, April 19, 2012


I love yoga, I first started doing yoga in 2008, during my masters in UTM johor, with my buddy Ila. I still practice till now, but not yet an advanced, but hoping to get there someday.I do my intense workouts 6days a week (either HIIT cardio, or strength training), but when it's rest day, i'll do my yoga. it's a great workout during active rest.

Sarah, Ila, if you're reading this, just know, i miss you girls, and doing yoga with you girls. muah.
I also miss doing yoga under my ex yoga teacher, Sze Sze.. she's a great yoga instructor ^_^

yeah, the beginning of my fat period. That is Mademoiselle Sarah <3

Between this picture and the upper picture, I got through my fat period, and slimmed down.. and this picture is my mark for my fit period. Hope this period lasts forevereverever.

keep active, now matter how much you weigh. <3



Banannie said...

wow!i think i want to try yoga now! i have recently posted a fitness entry in my blog, and i have to agree with what you said.. 'keep active, no matter how much you weigh!' --i love that line!

a friend told me that even if we're at our ideal weight, it doesn't mean we're fit, right? so, goodluck to us!

keep active!

daria said...

Hey Banannie!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :) Ya, i love yoga, it's like therapy for me :D

yes, although we're at out ideal weight, doesnt mean we have low bodyfat, i dont mind what my scale says,as long as i have strong cardiovascular system, and i have muscles to support my body :)

let's be active n healthy together~~

try it! yoga i mean hehehe

zzanyy said...

Wow! Your poses are good! I don't think I can ever do yoga. I am not patient and this form of exercise does not fit my personality which is hyper. hehe

AmirFX said...

Aaaaa... Kmk asa sik mampu mok polah yoga.. Tulang dah sik kuat gik.. :D

daria said...

@amir: yoga x make tulang k.. tulang xda kaitan ahahah :P

@zzanyy: i do all high intensity 6 days per week, and rest day i do yoga.. hihi.. thanks anyway :)

Banannie said...

wow! you exercise 6 days a week! i was only able to do mine every other day since my blog post. and my body is sore right now! haha!

daria said...


keep going babe ;) i am also trying my best to push myself. tonight is my second fit test. oof. nervous!