Monday, August 6, 2012

Past Entry Reblog: what i love most about photography and art

How I miss being this creative. I wonder where everything went. This was a post back in September 2008.

photography and art to me is like fashion. we can choose to express ourselves in our own way. our own creativity. it is full with experiments. for me, although i am not a professional photographer, i love to get inspired and try new stuff. i like portraits, and i want to achieve variety through portraits. here i have some ideas, but i don't have the props to go with it. i have to take pictures with my scarves, as i am a scarf-clad girl, but i didn't bring that many scarves for me to take pictures. otherwise everything will pretty much look the same. photography is one way for me to release my stress, to show my inner emotion, or just to have fun. lately i tried to take some serious themes, like the pic here, and it is hard for me to even make a good serious face. it teaches us to dig the emotion from inside, to portray it outside. maybe that's why the girls in ANTM felt irritated when they were yelled by the art director. i just cant wait to go back home. so i can practice with my siblings, and also my babes! :)

Be Free!!

Picture: "We can't please everyone" by dariagraphy©


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